New Construction Phase Inspection

If you are building a home from the ground up, you should be vigilant about your contractors cutting corners or serious structural defects being built into your home. Don’t know how to go about it? Leave it to us.

Phase Inspection

The builder can’t possibly supervise every aspect of the new home construction. As a result, often costly mistakes made by contractors, sub-contractors and construction workers go unnoticed. Pre-owned homes have maintenance caused problems, new homes have installation caused problems. Protect your client by getting a phase inspection.

Phase I: Pre-pouring Inspection

This inspection is  to confirm that the builder installed the foundation and reinforcement according to the engineer’s specifications. Foundations are designed for the specific home and location. This inspection is done just prior to the pouring of the foundation which is the last opportunity to inspect beam and foundation depth, reinforcement, vapor barrier, plumbing penetrations, etc. before they are all buried in concrete.

Phase II: Pre-drywall

This is one of the rare few times an Inspector can actually see behind the walls. This inspection should be performed after all windows, plumbing rough-in, electrical rough-in, HVAC duct systems, etc. have been installed. This inspection will focus primarily on structural components, plumbing and electrical rough-ins which will not be visible or accessible after the insulation and sheetrock get installed.

Final Inspection

This happens before the walk-thru with the builder making sure the operation and installation of all the visible components of the house are sound.


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Within 24 Hours Inspection Reports

In less than 24 hours after your home inspection, we’ll already have your inspection report delivered so that you can immediately start learning more about your prospective home. We meticulously review each individual inspection finding to ensure that you’re given accurate and easy-to-understand information, and we explain any issues with the home’s condition in detail. We’ll even include color photographs as necessary to give you a more well-rounded breakdown of why a specific area of the home may need improvement.

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